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Would you like to contribute to the CIEP blog?

We are always looking for ideas and submissions for the CIEP blog, so read the guidelines below and get in touch.


Editorial mission

The CIEP blog aims to provide useful and entertaining content to enhance the lives of anyone interested in proofreading or editing, while promoting the work and activities of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.


Anyone with an interest in editing and proofreading. Our ideal readers are professional editors and proofreaders, those wishing to pursue a career in editing or proofreading, and anyone who uses editors and proofreaders.


  • Blog posts should be useful, interesting and add value to the lives of our target audience.
  • Posts should be original, logical and easy to read.
  • Any data, quotations, images and third party content should be properly attributed.
  • Use links to point readers to other CIEP blog posts, the CIEP website, and other sources of additional information relevant to your content.
  • Avoid being too self-promotional in your post. Save that for your author bio.
  • The CIEP reserves the right to edit and adapt guest blog posts as we see fit.

Ideas for content

  • ‘How to’ posts that clearly outline how to do something.
  • Thought leadership posts outlining current trends.
  • Professional development.
  • Personal development and personal experience.
  • Relevant statistics and numbers.
  • Interviews.
  • In-house life.
  • Freelance life.
  • Useful hacks.
  • Advice or tips.
  • Book, software or equipment reviews.
  • Anything that you find interesting or you think would be useful to editors or proofreaders.

Why write for the CIEP blog?

Writing a blog post for the CIEP can help raise your profile and establish you as an expert. You may even get some business out of it. Sharing your expertise by writing a blog post can also enhance your knowledge: the more you talk about a particular subject, the more you understand it.

Editorial process

  • Email your ideas or submissions to the CIEP blog coordinator, Abi Saffrey:
  • We will then get back to you with a brief or any feedback on your contribution.
  • Your post will be proofread and then posted on the blog.

Promotion and social media distribution

Links to new posts will be posted across the CIEP social media platforms. We encourage all our contributors and readers to share blog content across their own social media networks and personal websites.

What to send with your submission

  • A short bio – 60 words about you, including relevant links to your social media pages (eg Twitter handle) and website.
  • A head and shoulders photograph.
  • An image to accompany the post: this can be a photo, chart, infographic or piece of artwork that complements the written content. While we prefer original images, they can also be taken from the web or a stock photo service as long as they are royalty free and any creator credits are included.

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