SfEP/SI Conference Fair 2015


Off to the SfEP/SI conference this weekend? Then come along to the conference fair, where you can:

  • see our showcase of delegates’ other interests, ‘More than words…’: this is an opportunity to find out about other delegates’ hidden talents and see what they’re up to, from running craft businesses to carrying out voluntary work in the community.
  • read about the history of the SfEP and SI: the Society of Indexers goes back some way and the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (as it is now known) was formed from its sister organisation; our display shows some of the things the two bodies have achieved, both separately and together
  • find out who’s who on the SfEP Council and SI Executive Board
  • browse (and buy from!) the full range of SfEP guides and a selection of SI booklets
  • snap up a bargain SI-branded t-shirt, sweatshirt or stationery item
  • buy an environmentally friendly conference bag
  • see the tempting display of raffle prizes and buy your raffle tickets
  • buy a parking permit for Monday
  • pick up your tea and coffee (available during refreshment breaks only).

On Monday 7 September we will be joined by Daniel Heuman, managing director of Intelligent Editing and one of our sponsors. This is your opportunity to find out about, or ask him tricky questions about, PerfectIt!

Our sponsors:

Sponsor of the something-for-everyone session ‘Digital tools for the efficient freelancer’

PerfectIt is an MS Word add-in that is used by more than 400 members of SfEP, and more than a thousand professional editors around the world. You can use PerfectIt to check consistency of hyphenation, capitalisation, abbreviations, heading case, lists, tables and much more. You can also customise PerfectIt to check house styles and enforce style preferences. PerfectIt is easy to install, easy to use, and it finds mistakes that even the most eagle-eyed editor can find difficult to spot. A free trial is available from www.intelligentediting.com.

Out of House Publishing
Sponsor of the workshop ‘It’s not just about existing: work–life balance for freelancers’

Out of House Publishing offers a comprehensive project management service for every kind of publishing project. We organise all aspects of the publishing process from concept to final delivery. We provide flexible solutions to deliver content in the format our customers need. From meticulous copy-editing in the UK to fast data conversion in India, we put together the right team to deliver projects on time and on budget.

With years of experience in traditional book production, coupled with hands-on knowledge of state-of-the-art front-end XML workflows and eLearning resource development, we deliver the most efficient plan to bring products to market.

Working effectively with editors, indexers and proofreaders is vital to our success and we value the friendships we’ve built up with our freelance suppliers over many years. We are always delighted to hear from anyone interested in working with us.

CINDEX Software
Sponsor of the ‘first-timer’ pre-dinner drinks

CINDEX™ was launched in September 1986. Originally for DOS, it was rewritten in 1997 for the Mac, and the following year for the Windows operating system. Over the years there have been countless upgrades and updates to keep abreast of operating systems and the changing needs of indexers and their clients.

Above all CINDEX remains powerful, yet simple to use. It handles, effortlessly and unobtrusively, all the time-consuming tasks in indexing, allowing the indexer to concentrate on the facts and ideas developed in the text.


Posted by Liz Jones, SfEP Marketing and PR Director.

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