Social media round-up – October 2015

In case you missed them, here are some of the most popular links shared across the SfEP’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and blog in October.
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  1. An editor on why she proofreads:
  2. Want to speak with the eloquence of a Jane Austen character? The Jane Austen centre has launched a daily quote app:
  3. 12 Excel formulas, features and keyboard shortcuts everyone should know:
  4. The evolution of punctuating paragraphs:
  5. Breaking the freelance feast-or-famine cycle:
  6. Who would contact your clients if you got hit by a bus?
  7. Unfinished story … how the ellipsis arrived in English literature:
  8. Fact or fiction: 6 things about SEO that you should probably be aware of:
  9. Secrets of the MS Word ‘Ribbon’:
  10. Should you take editorial tests for prospective new clients?
  11. How has the Great British Bake Off changed the English language?
  12. Getting your kids on board: Strategies to get your kids to cooperate during your work hours
  13. Want to know about Word’s lesser-known but easier-to-use search options?
  14. 53 wonderfully pointless facts about the English language:

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