Social media round-up – September 2015

SfEP logoIn case you missed them, here are ten of the most popular links shared across the SfEP’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) in September.


  1. Seven emotions that English doesn’t have a word for:
  2. If the conference inspired you to find out about Corpus Linguistics, this free course could be for you:
  3. An interesting article on the ampersand’s history:
  4. A complete, illustrated guide to type terms:
  5. ‘Quit jargogling me, you beef-witted jollux’ [WARNING – contains cute cat pics!]:
  6. Some contractions to throw around, willy-nilly:
  7. The Scottish have the most words for snow!:
  8. Never a calm subject, punctuation:
  9. Excellent advice on overcoming limitations to your success as a freelancer:
  10. Bad news, fellow Slytherins, we’ve been pronouncing the Dark Lord’s name wrong. It’s not Vol-deh-mort, with a ‘t’ at the end. It’s Vol-deh-mor:

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