What’s e-new? How green is my computer?

For most of us our computer – be it a laptop or desktop, Mac or PC – will be one of our biggest purchases. This article by Andy Coulson looks at how we can make the best choice environmentally when making that purchasing decision. Clearly this is an absolute minefield, as it covers so many […]

What’s e-new? Technology terminology

Of bits, nerds and cookies Computing has added many words to our vernacular, as well as bending the meanings of others and repurposing them. This article explores the roots of some common terms we take for granted or might have been bemused by. Acronyms, abbreviations and portmanteaus Computer terminology loves acronyms, abbreviations and portmanteaus for […]

What’s e-new? How to be your own IT department

This article by Andy Coulson, for the regular What’s e-new? column in members’ newsletter The Edit, looks at how to cope when things go wrong with your technical set-up, from initial troubleshooting to simple fixes, and where to look for more help and advice. The article covers: Backing up before you start Being methodical The […]

What’s e-new? 21 for 2021

By Andy Coulson In keeping with the theme of ‘Practical tools to boost your business’, I’ve come up with a list of 21 tech tips for 2021. These are all things I’ve tried and tested myself. 1. Have a system This is the single most important tip of the lot. Find a system to organise […]

What’s e-new? Free and easy accounting with QuickFile

By Andy Coulson Accounts are a fundamental part of your business, but like many people, I loathe doing them. For a long time, I’ve used Excel and an accountant to deal with mine, but have been exploring accounting packages for some time. I experimented with FreeAgent, which offers a discount to CIEP members, and found […]

What’s e-new? The efficient guide to Word

By Andy Coulson This issue of The Edit has a theme of working efficiently, so let’s take a look at how we can persuade every editor’s favourite tech tool to work efficiently. 1. Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts are a great little time saver. Think about what you do when you use a mouse – you […]

What’s e-new?

By Andy Coulson At the time of writing this I am in lockdown at home and realising the changes and compromises this means. Thinking back to when I started, technology has evolved so much that it has helped with these challenges in a way I couldn’t have imagined 15 years ago. So, I’ve compiled a […]

Talking tech: Making Windows open to all

Andy Coulson looks at the accessibility improvements in Windows 11 in this Talking tech column (previously known as What’s e-new?). As you have probably seen, a big Windows upgrade is out and many of us will be prompted to update soon. Microsoft are keen to emphasise improvements in the visual design and how these help […]

How to be more productive: Part 2

By Abi Saffrey Keeping track of time and projects (and money) Part 1 looked at ways we can increase our focus and reduce distractions when we’re working. This post looks at efficient and speedy ways we can keep an eye on our time and projects. I once went on a three-day training course where the […]